Daydream Bath Soak
Daydream Bath Soak
Daydream Bath Soak
Daydream Bath Soak

Daydream Bath Soak

Bopo Women

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An uplifting and invigorating zesty bath soak designed to gently revitalise, detox and moisturise the skin. Incorporating a delicate blend of orange & vanilla, luxurious organic flowers and mineral rich sea salts.

This soak was crafted to lift your mood & leave you feeling ready to take on the world.


Vanilla Oil: This soak is all about the dreamers. Vanilla oleoresin essential oil creates a dreamy aroma while also infusing skin with B vitamins to promote skin health.

Sweet Orange Oil: Provides a slight and sweet zesty aroma that improves mood while relieving inflammation in the skin.


Float a way with our daydream soak:

Light a candle.
Put some music on that makes you feel like a queen.
Make a cup of tea or go for a glass of wine.
Dim the lights & pour a generous scoop of Daydream in the tub.
Bath yourself in dreamy goodness for as long as you can xo