Goddess Bath Soak | Bopo Women
Goddess Bath Soak | Bopo Women

Goddess Bath Soak

Bopo Women

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A natural fusion of soothing lavender, clementine, rosehip and sugandha kokila essential oils to ease the mind and replenish the skin. Infused with organic dried rose petals and epsom salts for the ultimate sensual bathing experience.

Romance yourself.

Clementine Oil: to ease tension while restoring yours skins dermis.

Rosehip Oil: rich in antioxidants and fatty acids this wonder oil will protect and help regenerate your skin.

Lavender Oil: for deep healing while encouraging surrender and relaxation. Lavender will also aid in soothing any tired muscles.

Sugandha Kokila Oil: with a reputation in Ayurvedic medicine for awakening the ‘Heart Chakra’ and stimulating sensuality and passion, no goddess would bathe without it!

Organic Coconut Oil: natural skin softener that adds a milky texture to your Goddess soak for lasting moisture.

Kaolin Clay: a deeply purifying and exfoliating white clay that helps buff stubborn dead skin cells.

Epsom Salts: to soothe the body and the mind and they are particularly useful for relieving muscle cramps and other pains.

Unleash your inner goddess in 6 steps

Light a candle
Put some music on that makes you feel like a queen (tip: Stevie Nicks)
Make a cup of tea or go for a glass of wine
Dim the lights and pour a generous scoop of Goddess Soak into the tub
Add a self love crystal like rose quartz or green aventurine if that's your style
Bath yourself in radical self-love (and roses) xo