A New Kind Of Beauty

As Women, we’re told to wax off, blend in, blow out. Cover, correct, conceal. Show less skin. You look tired. Give us a smile.

Bopo is for women who are sick of being told how to look, and how to think. We’ll never convince you of an impossible beauty standard, then lead you to products that promise to get you there. We’ll never champion body positivity, then edit, alter and airbrush women. We’ll never tell you to celebrate your stretch marks — then sell you a body scrub to remove them.

While other brands still push this outdated, harmful idea of beauty — their cleansers and creams all working to solve, fix and mask skin in the pursuit of perfection — Bopo spends its time deeper down: on the inside, where it counts.

Bopo Women at Milk Fashion

Our skincare and beauty products are infused with pure essential oils & Australian botanicals that contain true therapeutic benefits. All products smell good, feel good, aren't tested on animals and look gorgeous.

Bopo Body Oil

What Makes Body Oil So Amazing?

In order for your skin to be adequately moisturized it is super important that the ingredients are actually able to get to where they need to go. Body oils are easily able to penetrate the skin's surface and infuse it with vitamins, fatty acids & antioxidants. They also act as a final occlusive layer which locks in moisture and acts as a defense against harsh environmental factors.

Many moisturizers have very low amounts of active ingredients & are supplemented with high water levels. This not only dilutes the actually beneficial ingredients but is also bad for the environment. Oil delivers far more concentrated nourishment to your skin & if you haven’t tried one you’ll definitely notice the difference. Not only are they better for your skin but as an entirely water free product, body oils are an amazing eco friendly choice. They are also long lasting, as a little goes a long way. Unlike more traditional body moisturizers you don’t need a huge amount of oil to hydrate your skin.

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Why Crystal Face Rollers?

When Paired with one of Bopos Face Oils, the Dream Amethyst Roller helps to hydrate & nourish your skin even more deeply. A super easy way to give yourself a quick daily facial massage, particularly when concentrating on areas of tensions such as the temples and neck. Incredibly good at calming skin inflammation.

Bopo products will never claim to change, tweak or fix you. Rather, they’re meant to cocoon you, care for your skin and create space for you to reconnect with what matters most. Inspired by the treasures shining bright in all of us, there natural recipes, shimmering oils and floral infused lotions are the ultimate act of self-love and appreciation. They’re beautiful beyond measure, and that’s the only time we put beauty on a pedestal.

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