Aurora Organic Night Oil
Aurora Organic Night Oil
Aurora Organic Night Oil
Aurora Organic Night Oil
Aurora Organic Night Oil

Aurora Organic Night Oil

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A deeply hydrating & healing organic night oil, starring blue tansy, to relieve dry or inflamed skin. Macadamia, evening primrose and avocado oils create a rich and replenishing elixir, while lemon, lavender and bergamot oil provide a subtle, sweet scent. This oil can be used as a deeply healing night oil in place of moisturiser or serum. Particularly suits dry and dehydrated skin types. Wake up to glowing, plant-kissed skin everyday.

Why Face Oil?
It might seem obvious that dry skin is definitely a candidate for face oil but should you use it if your skin is naturally more oily? In a nutshell, yes.
While, this might seem counterintuitive, over-washing our skin without moisturising effectively can actually strip our skin of its natural oils and in turn cause overproduction of oil.
That's why both oily & dry skin types, & everything inbetween, need regular, high quality hydration. Exactly what our face oils deliver.


Olive Oil
Packed with antioxidants & hydrating squalene. Deeply hydrating.

High in Omega 6. A natural protective barrier for the skin.

Evening Primrose
Contains high levels of GLA essential fatty acids which rehydrate skin.

High Vitamin E content to soothe inflammation & itchiness.

Blue Tansy
Turns blue when extracted from chamomile. Heals & eases inflammation.